Millions of people are in slavery. They are living in brutal conditions.


This is Yousef and his family. Born into the brick field Yousef has been a slave his whole life. One year ago, he and his family, his wife and two daughters, had no food. He pleaded with the slave owner to spare him a little food. But, the slave owner refused him, and then gathered all the slaves in the brick field. In front of his wife and children and the other terrified slaves, the slave owner made an example of him with the horrifying, brutal act of cutting off his leg. He now is forced to make bricks, dragging himself in the dirt. His young children often go hungry, having to eat mud to fill their bellies and only having dirty water to drink.

This, unfortunately, is not an uncommon scene of torture and brutal mutilation. Just weeks ago, a major news story spread as two slaves were burned alive in a brick field. With your support, the children of the two tragic victims were secured and brought to safety.

This brutal reality is life for millions of slaves. Help bring freedom!

Please help rescue Yousef, his family, and others trapped in slavery. 









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