As we approach this Christmas season, I am hoping to be able to provide blankets and shoes for children who are still in the slave fields. As the colder season begins in Pakistan, the temperatures drop at night and the children suffer, having to continue working into the darkness. I have personally witnessed children crying and shivering in the nighttime as we went into the brick kilns. In the past we have been able to provide blankets and this time we want to also provide shoes. For a gift of $25.00 we can provide one thick blanket and one pair of shoes to an enslaved child.
You can give online at
We are also planning another rescue operation in early 2016. To date, nearly 1800 children and adults have been rescued from slavery. Thank you for your support; you are vital to our success.
Sincerely, Bruce Ladebu
Founder/Director C.R.I.

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