Thanks to all the volunteers and all those who supported this project a total of 33,408 meals were packaged.

Email us for details on organizing an event in your area!

Our past event the goal was to provide 30,000 meals to orphans in Liberia.

Through Kids Against Hunger’s system of meal packaging 30,000 meals can be packaged in only 4 hours.  Anyone can help raise money, and anyone can come volunteer.

fundraising ideas:

  • Have your sports team get involved.  Ask your basketball team to collect 19¢ for each rebound their team grabs or 19¢ for every training mile ran in cross country, for every goal or save in soccer, etc.
  • Sell items in your home that aren’t needed.
  • Start a friendly competition among classes in your school.  Monday everyone brings pennies, Tuesday everyone brings dimes, Wednesday everyone brings quarters, Thursday everyone brings dollar bills, Friday everyone brings their best!  Throw a pizza party for the class or who raises the most money.
  • Instead of collecting candy on Trick or Treat night ask your neighbors if they would be willing to give spare change to help feed starving children and hand them an informational brochure.
  • Have a Kids Against Hunger birthday party.  Instead of gifts ask your guests to bring a donation for a hungry child.
  • Offer to do yard work for your neighbors or to walk your neighborhood dogs.  Tell them why you want to help hungry kids and see what happens.
  • In the spirit of Thanksgiving, take the month of November and ask your favorite businesses to consider sponsoring meals for hungry kids
  • Host a family and friends fun night.  Invite the families to donate the amount they would have spent taking their family out to dinner.  Some might give the “fast food” amount and others the “sit-down dinner” amount.
  • Create a donation box for collections at work and tell your story… 30,000 meals in 1 day.  Invite them to make a difference.
  • Ask your local pizza store to donate 19¢ for each pizza sold.  Promote their business and see what happens.  Place a sign or poster in their store.

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