New Website

Good afternoon CRI team, We just launched a new website layout. (please, be patient with any hiccups) We will soon be posting with updates and videos from the latest rescue mission! Thanks again for your continued support. RESCUE.RESTORE.RAISE UP.

Shop Online and Rescue Lives

Want to help fight modern-day slavery even while you shop online?  You can help fight slavery even while you shop for Christmas gifts and every-day purchases using Simply use Amazon Smile to search and purchase the holiday gifts and products you need and Amazon gives a percentage as donation to Children’s Rescue Initiative. 

Little One

In this photo, Bruce meets a very young child in a brick field, who was born into slavery. This little one was rescued, but millions of children are still trapped in modern-day slavery in need of rescue. Help support on-going rescue work. RESCUE. RESTORE. RAISE UP. Join The Conversation on Facebook Read more…

Just Playing

When confronted about child slavery, one lie slave owners use is, “the children are just playing.” In reality, if the children were to play instead of making bricks they would be beaten and punished. Live Wild, Save a Child! Join The Conversation on Facebook Receive Blog Updates: Subscribe by Email Read more…