Help Rescue Children from Sex Trafficking/Slavery

Help Rescue Children from Sex Trafficking/Slavery

My name is Chance Baker, and I work with The Children's Rescue Initiative. We have an amazing group of people in our organization. In short, we rescue children from their sex traffickers and labor slave owners. We immediately provide medical care, put them in school and support them financially for food/water, clothes, and other necessities so they don't have to worry if their next meal or clean water is coming or not. They won't be physically and mentally abused anymore so they can focus on their future. NO CHILD DESERVES WHAT THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH! We need financial support plain and simple. The more financial support we get, the more children we can rescue. I know it's a tough subject to talk about, but people are finally talking about it due to the famous pedophiles being exposed in our country. That's a great first step, but we must ALL take action. I see many posts on social media about people wanting to do something about this global crisis, and here's your opportunity! Share this fundraiser, donate to this fundraiser (it's a tax write off), and check out our website We won't stop fighting this global crisis. You have to decide whether you're going to be a part of the solution or watch from the sidelines, and that starts right here.



Sep 9, 2020
Colorado, United States

“I will never understand how a precious child's life can be scarred by this heinous crime through willing parents and caregivers or the sick people who assault them.”


Carey Wennerstrom
Aug 29, 2020
Kansas, United States


Heather Welch
Aug 15, 2020
Kansas, United States


Aug 5, 2020
Kansas, United States


Bryan Hurley
Aug 4, 2020
Florida, United States


Kayla Satterlee
Aug 4, 2020
Tennessee, United States


Aug 4, 2020
Kansas, United States


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Chance Baker
Kansas, United States


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