We All Can Act Concretely To Fight Child/sex slave Trafficking. Here’s How:

We All Can Act Concretely To Fight Child/sex slave Trafficking. Here’s How:

I myself was just hours away from being drugged and shipped out to a middle eastern enclave of such abominable activities back when i was 19 years old living in Europe

(first sent from Paris to Belgium for an “interview”), so stupid or clueless i was to have bought into the lies & deceitful promises of my kidnapers... 

Thank God i found out what their true plan was about (instead of offering me a “record deal”) as i discretely eve dropped a strategy conversation they had in reviewing their plan of action for the next day...

So I waited a bit longer, and in early morning i grabbed some car keys left on a table and drove madly out of Belgium back into France. 

Their property was large, exotic cars on the wide driveway, obviously made to impress... these people were already rich, involved in the textile industry trade, and some others in the crude oil industry

(whereas the middle east connection, which makes youngsters a ‘plus’ as a perverse ‘added bonus’ to win bids in these trade transactions) 

I can’t tell here the rest of the story without risking too much exposure (legal justice/injustice involved), but after such really scary situation which i did put myself into, being way too trusting as the young pup i then was, 

thinking that these kinds of things were just “tales fomented by older folks to scare us kids”, it made this world problem all too real for me, and i’ve been consistently vocal about it ever since, 

denouncing & fighting it all i could to make it known more broadly, to anyone willing to hear and to act concretely in order to fight it as much as humanly possible. And here’s how :



Dec 23, 2021
California, United States


Dec 8, 2021
Oregon, United States

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