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Join or start a CRI Local Action Team

The goal of the CRI Action Groups are to Educate, Raise Funds, Observe and Research, Step into Action.

If there is no group in your area organize a group of your friends ready to change the world. Become your area’s CRI contact group. Speak about human trafficking and child slavery at schools, churches, universities, and local organizations. Hold local fundraisers and community events. Research global and local human trafficking and help CRI put an end to slavery.

Download the CRI Action Team Guide                                        Download the CRI Action Team Goals

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Take action; there are several ways to take a part in fighting human trafficking and child labor.

Here are a few easy ideas that you can do to help fight slavery and human trafficking.


Research Ideas:

– How many victims are reported in your community (city, county, state)

– What local laws are in place to prevent trafficking and protect victims

– What businesses may have a questionable reputation (i.e. fake massage parlors) and is there evidence

– Are there busy hubs that might facilitate traffickers (i.e. truck stops)


Event Ideas:

– Host a Benefit Dinner

This can be a couple of friends in your home to hundreds of people at a conference center. Educating and creating awareness of child slavery to your friends, family, and community are vitally important.  This is a great way to bring a group together to discuss issues and how to become more involved. It’s also a great way to raise immediate funds that can go directly to Rescue, Restore, and Raise Up.

– Organize a 5k Race

A runner’s meet is a great way to get awareness out and get people involved. Races bring people from all around the area together to make new friends , raise funds, and start the Cycle of Freedom.

– Hold a Benefit Concert

Music is a great way to bring people together for a common goal. What better goal than rescuing children from slavery? Grab some local bands and get them together for a night of music and unity in fighting child slavery.

Contact CRI Team Coordinator for information and resources on fundraising or holding an event at  or (814) 350-2659

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