Urgent: Girl’s School Needed


The CRI director for Asia has sent an urgent request to raise funds as to build a second school building.

Originally, the school currently facilitating 950 students had the ruling authority’s permission to operate having both boys and girls in the same building on separate floors, but the government’s Education Department has dictated that a second building must be built in order for the girls to continue to go to school there.

Most of the girls attending the school are rescued from brick kilns and brothels. “I do not want to see many of the girls we rescued from prostitution and slavery go back again into darkness…”, stated the CRI Asia director.  According to the government, these 528 girls will not be able to continue to attend school  in the same building unless another building is built.

The down-payment on the property appeased the government to allow girls to use the current school for a short time, but the government later forced the girls to stop attending school.

As of right now, the foundation has been laid for the new school, but funds are still needed to complete this project.

Please help keep these girls out of the streets, brothels, and slavery.


The foundation being finished on the new school building

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