Guardian Program

Sponsor a Rescued Child

Becoming a Guardian ensures that one rescued victim will receive shelter, food, medical care, clothing, and education every month for as long as you sponsor them.

Your sponsorship of rescued children allows us to RESCUE MORE CHILDREN. The current limitation for CRI is access to the funds necessary to support the children we rescue on missions. Without the follow-up of aftercare, the rescued children could fall back into the cycle of slavery, which can cause additional emotional and mental damage.

CRI's aftercare program, called SurvivorCare, consists of food, clothing, medical care, education, shelter and safe guardianship. We will update you about your child throughout your sponsorship.

Rescued children are aged anywhere from infants (who are often born into slavery) to early adulthood. CRI provides SurvivorCare for rescued children until their 18th birthday when they are able to start supporting themselves based on all the education and training provided in our programs.

These children are rescued from forced labor and sex slavery and have endured violence, abuse and torture for most of their lives. Our goal is to rescue them as quickly as possible and place them in the cycle of freedom, which is the foundation of CRI’s model.

The Guardian Program supports the Restore and Raise Up portions of the Rescue, Restore and Raise Up model. It allows the full cycle of freedom to become their new reality.

Sponsor one child or multiple children. We won't rescue a child unless we have guaranteed placement and support to ensure they don't fall back into the cycle of slavery. Once a child has experienced freedom, we must make certain it is permanent.

Once you become a Guardian, you will receive information about your child and can send letters and messages of support to them. We will send you updates about your child throughout your sponsorship.

You will receive an exclusive Guardian program commemorative t-shirt, and discounts to the CRI store. 

If you are interested in sponsoring 100 children or more (Child Benefactor), you may have the opportunity to travel with us to visit the children during one of our Health & Wellness Checks by our SurvivorCare teams. Please contact us for more information.

Sponsor a Child

Your support is life-changing for these children.

To become a Mission Guardian (sponsorship of all the children from our next rescue mission) or a Child Benefactor (sponsoring 100+ children), please contact us.

What you get when you become a Guardian





Exclusive Guardian T-Shirt

Receive a commemorative t-shirt designed exclusively for our Guardians.

Hero Store Access

Access to Hero Store items which are created to honor our sponsors and volunteers.

Updates on Your Child

Receive timeline updates about your sponsored child to always know how they are doing.


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