You're either deciding "I'm gonna do nothing", or you're gonna do something.


A Children's Rescue Initiative Hero is a person that has made the choice and commitment to join our team as a volunteer, a child sponsor, a rescue team operator sponsor, or a recurring donor. These individuals have a strong desire to take action against child trafficking and slavery. They want to make a difference in children's lives. They are action oriented. They are selfless and have decided to help CRI acheive something great. There are many ways to become a CRI Hero. Click below to learn more about each opportunity.

We can't accomplish our mission without our Heroes. You are giving to CRI and we want to also give back to you. Once you have completed any of the above, you will unlock the following:


SitRep Newsletter

Access to our SitRep (Situation Report) newsletter to be in the know about CRI's actions in rescues and aftercare.

Live Rescue Mission Updates

Be among the first to know updates during rescue missions.

Hero Store Access

Access to Hero Store items honoring our sponsors & volunteers as well as CRI store discounts.

Exclusive Sneak Peek Access

Sneak peeks to upcoming campaigns and events.

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