Rescuing Victims of Prostitution Off of the Streets.

Ps. 10:18 “To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed,
That the man of the earth may oppress no more.”

Women rescued from prostitution

In Kenya, the Hosea Initiative is rescuing women from prostitution. Many of these women have young children and were abused and left to support themselves. With little education, life on the streets gave them no other options than to take any help they could get to feed their children and themselves; and help often came only through means of prostitution. 
 These abused women now are being rescued,  given hope, and empowered through vocational training. Along with weekly counseling sessions many are currently training for work in hair salons. Some will soon begin training in tailoring and other vocations in order to become self-sustaining. The picture above shows some of the rescued women together.

This project has already begun to change women’s lives. Taking them from the streets and giving them valuable skills. With little to no education these victims have no training to work and were forced into the streets to put food on the table. Through the Hosea Initiative these rescued women are starting new lives.

CRI Kenya Director talks about Hosea Initiative

Veronica’s Story: A rescued woman tells her experience.

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