Rescue Stories

Isan’s Story

In September 2019, Isan was rescued from a hotel in Asia. Isan had been living and working on the streets when the hotel owners promised him a job and a better life at the hotel.  

Once he arrived at the hotel, he was forced into labor slavery, receiving only $2 to $3 for an entire month of work. The owners scolded and beat him daily while customers sexually assaulted him. 

When we learned of Isan’s tragic situation, our team rescued him from the hotel and brought him to safety and freedom. Now, he lives in a loving home where he receives proper food, medical care, and an education. 

Isan enjoys going to school with other children and learning his favorite subject, English. He wants to learn karate, and he dreams of joining the army when he grows up.

Because of your support, Isan lives and thrives in freedom, grateful for the opportunity to be a child again.