Rescue Stories

Koushila’s Story

In the spring of 2018, our team rescued Koushila from a small tea shop. When our team found her in the shop, men sat around tables eating and laughing while this precious child washed dishes in a tattered bucket on the cold dirt floor. 

The owners of the shop forced this little girl to sweep the shop’s dirt floors, scrub dishes, serve food, clean tables, and complete other duties without payment. Scolded and beaten daily by the shop owners, Koushila was also sexually assaulted by the repulsive and vulgar customers. Koushila worked long days with little food to eat and endured continuous physical and sexual abuse from the owners and their depraved customers. 

When our team rescued Koushila from the horrors of the tea shop and brought her into a new life of freedom, her face glowed with a big, beautiful smile that radiated joy. Today, Koushila is free, and she will never again have to worry about abuse or slavery. She lives with a nurturing family where she is healing and growing in freedom. She loves coloring, skipping rope, spending time with her sisters, and playing with her friends. She is currently in sixth grade and enjoys going to school where she studies her favorite subject, language. Her dream is to one day become a nurse, so she can help people. Koushila is thriving in freedom and growing into a beautiful young lady with many dreams about her future.