Rescue Stories

Krishala’s Story

As a little girl, Krishala left her home in the mountains to find work in a nearby town. Desperate to support her family, she accepted a job in a cafe/hotel. The owner, a woman, forced Krishala to work long hours in the hotel and took pleasure in rebuking and beating her daily. Subjected to the owner’s verbal and physical abuse, Krishala also suffered sexual assault at the hands of vulgar and brutal men while the owner profited. For two years, Krishala lived this daily nightmare until our team rescued her, along with other children, from the hotel owner’s and customers’ predations. 

After Krishala and the other children were rescued, Krishala asked one of our operators a single question: “Are you going to love us?”

Longing for love and security, this precious young girl now lives with a nurturing family who loves and supports her. As she heals, Krishala is learning that she has immeasurable value and that she is greatly loved. Exploring who she wants to become, Krishala shared that her dream is to become a nurse, so she can help those who are hurting.  

Because of your support, Krishala will never again be forced to service a customer or beaten at the whim of a merciless owner. She will never again be owned. Krishala is free to heal and thrive. She is free to live her hopes and dreams in the secure embrace of a loving family.