Red Hand Campaign Photo Session Toolkit

Toolkit contains red and white body paint, a rubber stamp of the CRI barcode representing 2rescue and a step by step instruction sheet. Toolkit does approximately 10-15 average size hands.

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The Red Hand Campaign is a photographic initiative visualizing CRI’s movement in actively fighting the human trafficking epidemic by rescuing victims around the world. This is not just an awareness campaign; this is a global campaign to join arms with those taking action. The problem is too big. We can’t do it alone. Join us #2rescue.

Photos feature subjects with one hand painted red, imprinted with a white barcode. The barcode in our logo spells 2rescue. This representation symbolizes the commitment to:

[1] RESCUE, RESTORE and RAISE UP™ those enslaved today,

[2] Globally eradicate the purchase and sale of humans as commodities.  

Our aspiration at CRI, is for the Red Hand Campaign to provide a mechanism from which we can join arms with our global community to support those on the front lines in the fight against human trafficking.

Please help us kick off this movement by sharing a picture of you with your Red Hand, with a tagged location, and our hashtag #2Rescue on any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Remember, while we live in freedom, take a moment to reflect on the reality that those 40.3 million victims are being bought and sold to be continuously tortured in sex and labor slavery, many for their whole lives.

Join the fight #2Rescue!

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