Schools for Rescued Slave Children

Education is an integral part in the Cycle of Freedom. In our constant efforts in rescuing children, we are always in need of more space for children to learn and play.

Our first large-scale school project is a school building that is able to accommodate nearly 1000 children.  The first building is now finished and rescued children, now students, are attending classes. Previously, the classes at this location in Asia was made of tents and could only hold 400 children. The new facility provides a much better learning atmosphere with many classrooms and will also include a new playground for the children to play.

School Building

This is only the first school; the plan is to construct many more schools in Asia in order to provide excellent and safe learning areas for rescued slave children. You will impact hundreds of children’s lives with your donation.  With your help CRI can help provide education to rescued children.

On average it costs only $180 a year for one student to attend school. That’s 50 cents per day.

This includes all supplies like books, pens, pencils, paper, and a bag.

please consider giving monthly, or a one time gift to support a student.

Start the Cycle of Freedom, Education for Rescued Children



Updates on School Building:

School Celebration

The children celebrate with a parade through the new school

Children School Books

The construction of the new school is still ongoing. Here rescued slave-children and future students to the school stand in front of the school with their new text books.

School Foundation

This is the start of constructing the foundation of the school

Education: School

The original school building sketch

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