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SKILLED Volunteer Training
CRI Volunteer Preparedness Courses

CRI is structured by service with dedicated volunteer teams focused on rescue operations, child aftercare and administrative duties. Some of our volunteer roles do not require any special skills. However, roles in rescue operations and aftercare do.

Our skilled volunteer training will prepare you to successfully perform roles within the organization as well as enhance or learn professional skills and contribute to ending child trafficking. This training is world-class and taught by the best in their industries. 

The following courses are now open to anyone preparing to do volunteer or mission work in high-risk areas around the world. 


T.E.A.M.S. (Tactical, Education, Advance, Medical, S.E.R.E.)

The T.E.A.M.S. training module is designed for those who would like to participate in a CRI rescue operation or want training for real world experience. We are looking for Security and Care Team members to travel on rescue operations. This course will give you the chance to build great skills for safety and effectiveness in the field.

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Emergency Medical Responder

No one can afford to leave their safety and well-being 100% in the hands of another. This course will prepare YOU to save your own life, the life of a loved one, or even the life of a total stranger. We will prepare you to make a difference both in daily life and in the middle of total chaos.

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