About Me
My name is Ruby. I'm a 11-year-old girl.
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Rescue Date

December 2018

My Story

My name is Ruby. I am 10 years old. There were six members in our family. My father, mother and four sisters. When I was 7 years old my father died by cancer. After the death of my father, my mother is always worried for caring us. We had a small piece of land and a small hut but after the death of my father my mother could not pay the borrow money which they had taken from the land lord before few years. So my mother sold the land and small hut and payed back all the loan.

My mother was worried about us marry when we grow, because in our cast at the time of daughter’s marriage my mother has to pay dowry and she has nothing. One of my elder sister who used to work for the master in farm, she got married at the age of 12 and we don’t know where is she now days because her husband had taken her for work. My mother used to be worry about our living and food.

One day (before two years) me and my friend, who is from our community left home to find the work and we started work at a restaurant. Both of us worked in the restaurant for five months, but did not get money but got tortured from the restaurant owners. So my friend left work there and I did not know where she gone. I also left work there and went to see my mother and sisters, but they left the place where they used to live. I was so worried that there was no one where I go. I was walking in the road at the evening and crying, a man with motor bike asked me where I go. I could not speak to him as he was an old man and very fat.

He kept me in his motor bike and driven me about three hours and left me in a brick factory. I saw many other children and some families there. The people there gave me food and place to sleep. They did not ask me to work for three days but after three days I worked from early morning to late evening every day. They abused me. After three months they again kept me in motor bike with other two girls and driven about five hours and left us in a new brick factory. I did not have good cloths to wear and no mattress for good sleep. Many days I slept in dry straw and after few months they gave me mattress to sleep.

I never got money from my work. I made some friends there as the other children used to live with their parents and they helped work to their parents.

[But] some men rescue me. Now I am happy that I am getting good food, dress and going to school. I want to be a teacher in future and teach the poor children.

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