About Me
My name is Sarbada. I'm a 14-year-old girl.
What I want to be when I grow up:


Favorite Food

Chicken and Rice

Favorite School Subject


Rescue Date

September 2019

My Story

In September 2019, Sarbada was rescued out of the darkness of slavery where cruel slave owners forced her to work long exhausting days in a brickfield. For approximately three years, Sarbada was trapped in forced labor and sex slavery. Daily she endured abuse and was given very little food to eat. During an interview with one of our team members, Sarbada stated she did not remember her parents or know how she began working in the brickfield. When our team discovered Sarbada was being trafficked by the slave owners, the team rescued her and brought her to freedom and safety. This precious little girl is now in a safe home with a loving family where she receives proper food, medical care and an education. She enjoys going to school and her favorite subject is language. Sarbada’s favorite meal is chicken and rice. Today she is thriving in freedom and dreams about the possibilities of the future. Her dream is to one day become a police officer.

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