About Me
My name is Rihana. I'm a 9-year-old girl.

I enjoy doing homework and learning about science.

Favorite Color


What I want to be when I grow up:

I want to be able to support my sister.

Favorite Food


Favorite School Subject


Hardest School Subject


Rescue Date

September 2019

My Story

In September 2019, Rihana was rescued from a restaurant in Asia. While there, she was forced into labor slavery during the day and sex trafficking in the evenings. On top of working long strenuous hours, the owners daily beat her and gave her very little food to eat. She had no hope of escaping. As soon as our team discovered Rihana was being exploited by the owners, the team rescued her from the horrors of the restaurant and brought her into saftey and freedom. Rihana is now thriving in her new home where she lives with a family who loves her. Here, she receives proper food, medical care and an education. When Rihana grows up, she dreams of being able to support her twin sister.

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