About Me
My name is Grishma. I'm a 14-year-old girl.


Favorite Color


What I want to be when I grow up:


Favorite Food


Favorite School Subject


Hardest School Subject


Rescue Date

September 2019

My Story

In September 2019, Grishma was rescued from a hotel in Asia. Here, she was trapped in forced labor during the day and sex slavery in the evenings. During an interview with one of our team members, Grishma stated that she did not remember her parents or know how she ended up working at the hotel. The owners made her work long exhausting hours serving food, washing dishes, cleaning and performing other tasks. She was beaten daily, given very little food and constantly scolded. Additionally, customers would come to the hotel to get drunk and sexually assault her on a regular basis. This went on for at least two years, and she had no hope of ever escaping. As soon as our team learned Grishma was being human trafficked by the owners, the team rescued her from the horrors of the hotel and brought her into safety and freedom. She is now in a safe home with a loving family where she receives proper food, medical care and an education. When she grows up, Grishma dreams of one day becoming a nurse.

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