About Me
My name is Purnima. I'm a 11-year-old girl.
Favorite Color


What I want to be when I grow up:


Rescue Date

November 2019

My Story

In November 2019, Purnima was rescued out of slavery from a hotel/cafe in Asia. Before her life at the hotel, she lived with her family where she was beaten by her stepmother. A scar on her face reveals a permanent mark she received from one of her beatings. During this time, a major earthquake occurred which separated her from her family. After being separated, she worked in the streets before being promised a 'job' and a better life by the hotel/cafe owner. Once she arrived at her new 'job', she was trapped in forced labor and sex trafficking. The woman who owned the establishment made Purnima work extremely long hard days without any kind of payment. Oil burns stained her hands as a result of the hard labor. Daily, the owner physically and verbally abused her, while customers at the hotel tried to sexually assault her. Once our team learned Purnima was being human trafficked, the team rescued her out of slavery from the hotel and brought her into freedom. Today she lives in a supportive loving home where she receives proper food, medical care and an education. Purnima now dreams of one day becoming a teacher.

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