About Me
My name is Sabina. I'm a 17-year-old girl.
Rescue Date

March 2018

My Story

In March 2018, Sabina was rescued out of sex slavery and forced labor from a restaurant in Asia. 

Before her life in the restaurant, Sabina lived with her parents, two brothers and sister in a small remote village. One day, there was a big flood where the river overflowed and wiped out the village. Houses were destroyed and many people died. During the flood, Sabina was separated from her family and still to this day, she does not know if they are alive or dead. 

After the flood, a family adopted her into their home where she lived for several years. The family was happy with Sabina because she worked in their kitchen, garden and on their family farm. The family consisted of an older couple and their two sons. The two boys loved Sabina like a sister, but after a couple years, they moved away to go to university. After this, Sabina’s safe home turned into a nightmare.

The wife of the home had been sick for a very long time and the two boys were out of the house pursuing a higher education. Therefore, the old man of the house began sexually molesting Sabina. He would give her clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other items, and then force her to sleep with him. At night, he would silently enter her room and touch her body. Sabina told us she viewed the man as her grandfather, and she hated when he would force himself onto her.

One day, Sabina planned her escape and ran away to another town. She had no money or food and did not know anyone. As she was walking along the road, she met a lady who befriended her. The lady called Sabina her daughter and told her she would give her food, new clothes and a safe place to sleep. Sabina was grateful for the nice woman and happily went with her. 

The woman owned a restaurant, and her husband was a busy truck driver who came home only once or twice a month. After a few days of living in her new home, the woman made Sabina work. The restaurant was always full in the evenings where customers would eat and drink. Men would often come at night where they would get drunk and stay the night. Many times, men would sleep next to her in bed and she didn’t understand what was happening.

About a month later, a drunk customer asked Sabina to sleep with him. She did not want to, but the owner told her she did not have a choice. Sabina was shocked. She cried and begged the owner not to have her sleep with him. But that night, the drunk man slept with her anyway. 

In the following weeks, Sabina had regular nightly customers. The older, rich men slept with the restaurant owner while the poor, young men slept with Sabina. Two other girls worked at the restaurant as well, but because they were younger, the men wanted to sleep with Sabina. Sabina wanted to escape but had nowhere to go. 

When our team found out Sabina was being exploited by the restaurant owner, the team rescued her from the restaurant and brought her into safety and freedom. She will never again be abused, touched inappropriately or forced to sleep with drunk men throughout the night. Today, Sabina lives with a family who loves her, where she does not have any fear. Sabina shared with our team, “I am rescued, and I am really happy that I do not have to sleep with any more men.” 

Today she is safe. She is going to school, has access to medical care, receives proper food and has been given new clothes. Some of her favorite hobbies are singing and dancing. Now that this precious girl is finally free, she has hope for a bright future and has the opportunity to dream about the woman she wants to become. 

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