CRI Kenya Director Abraham Omanyo giving food to street children

School and Orphanage for street children in Kenya, Africa.

Update: The immediate need of  $3,000 remains to close on the property in order to start the next phase of rescuing street children in Kenya.


Below an interview conducted a few years ago with Kenya Director, Abraham Omanyo, about his work with street children.

In Kenya, many children are orphans as result of the AIDS epidemic and some have simply run away.  These children, having no family or education, beg and live on the street. They are all addicted to sniffing glue to ease the pains of hunger. When they are sick no one cares for them and they are in constant threat each night as drunk men roam the streets beating and raping these young children. They are also in danger of being taken or killed.


According to the US Dept. of Labor, “a significant number of street children engage in theft, drug trafficking and other illegal activities, while many young girls living on the street resort to prostitution.” A majority of children contract sexually transmitted diseases and suffer from serious mental and emotional disorders due to their harsh living conditions.

Through a feeding program, CRI has been able to reach a group of these children stuck on the streets. CRI Kenya director Abraham Omanyo has been working with street children. He started this program in order to build relationships with these kids, meet their immediate physical need, and begin the journey of rehabilitating these kids from life on the streets.

Omanyo and CRI Foudner/Director Bruce visit the property where the school will be built

In an interview Omanyo stated,” These kids, because of lack of trust, could only come for what they want you to give them and that’s all. No business with you, they only have business with what they want from you… But, right now, these kids have changed to a great level; they want that fellowship now, they can sit with people and talk. As we continue day by day, liking them, loving them, as dirty as they are we hug them, there is a great change; there is something that is happening… they are beginning to understand that they can be loved.” Property_Kenya Though, through feeding these kids and meeting physical needs it is possible to build relationships and gain their trust they have no family, no medical care, and no education. CRI is committed to seeing these kids rescued, educated, and raised to become successful. It is imperative to build this school and orphanage. Former CRI team member, Karen, stated, “…these young boys have a deep desire for an education….No education comes without a tuition in Kenya. These boys do not have money even for food let alone an education.”

 In order to rescue and restore these kids they must be removed from the urban area.  Payments have begun on a rural 6 acre property in Kenya, located 20km outside of the nearest city, that will be a safe haven for these children.  The total cost for the property is $26,000 and it will accommodate an orphanage and school for living and educational purposes. Please partner with CRI and give your support in this work to rescue these children. Rescue. Restore. Raise Up.

The immediate need of  $3,000 remains to close on this property.

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