All around the world millions of children are in hopeless conditions of slavery, human trafficking, child labor, and abuse. The vision of Children’s Rescue Initiative is to Rescue, Restore, and Raise Up these children who endure the atrocity of slavery.

This is the Cycle of Freedom.

Cycle of Freedom


CRI is aggressively sending specially trained rescue teams into some of the most remote and dangerous nations of the world.   Our teams employ strategies of negotiating freedom for slaves trapped in human trafficking, providing micro-loans to families chained in debt-bondage, and liberating children from life in the streets.

CRI also has teams in the field distributing food to the hungry and medical care to the sick, who are still enslaved until permanent rescue is possible.


Once our teams have rescued the children they are placed in safe homes and rescue centers which provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care.  CRI has trained local teams over-seeing the care and nurturing of these individuals.

Raise Up:

Education and training is crucial to ending the cycle of slavery.  Every child is enrolled in school.  Older children are also placed into vocational training, learning a trade; and families are helped in setting up a small business. In addition to schools and training centers, CRI has teams going into slum areas educating the community about the truth of selling children into slavery.

CRI’s Global Operations

End the Cycle of Slavery, Start the Cycle of Freedom
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