The Cycle of Freedom

The key to stopping the cycle of slavery is pursuing the cycle of freedom… Rescue, Restore, and Raise Up is the model to fighting slavery. When one victim is rescued they then can influence the world for freedom, creating a Cycle of Freedom.

CRI is not just an awareness campaign, but is an action movement; actively rescuing victims of human trafficking and at risk children world wide. Over the past few years hundreds of children, and many families have been freed from the horrors of slavery.



This 3 year old boy (below)  was forced to labor in a brick field in the scorching hot sun.  His brother and he would load mud onto a heavy wheelbarrow. His hands not able to reach around the handles. As, he struggled to push the mud he would often loose his grip and nearly falling would strain to pick the wheelbarrow back up.
But for this boy, CRI was able to negotiate his freedom and the freedom of several others.  This is only one story of rescue, and the work does not stop there.

(See His Story Below)


Bruce carries a small child and leads a multitude of slaves out of the brickfield to new hope and new lives.Restore

After being rescued, CRI transports the victims away to safety. They are fed, cared for medically, and comforted. Not only are victims in need of physical restoration, but are recovering from deep emotional scars.

The restoration process is not done in one day, but it only starts on the day of rescue. Children are moved to a safe location and then attend school. Families are kept together, and helped in creating lives as free peoples.  Schooling is an important step in the restoration process as the victims have little to no education, as many were born into slavery.

BlurKidsinFrontofSchoolRaise Up

Education is vital to creating a slave-free world.  Rescued children rarely have had any education. CRI helped fund the construction of a large school in Asia for rescued children, and also supports schools around the world to educate children rescued from human trafficking and child labor.  These kids are the next generation of advocates for a slave free world!

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Col Sandy Harter · May 16, 2018 at 10:44 pm

I am interested in your program. How do i get involved? Experience in foreign operations mainly in the Mideast.

Col Sandy

    Bruce Ladebu · May 21, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Hello Col Sandy, thank you for your interest in our work rescuing children. Please feel free to give me a call at 814-282-6729 to discuss how to get involved. Bruce Ladebu Founder/Director The Children’s Rescue Initiative

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