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We're Children's Rescue Initiative

Our Mission: To rescue children and adults trapped in sex trafficking and labor slavery through awareness, training, and action.

Our Vision: To make a global impact in the war against slavery by freeing victims through our Rescue, Restore, Raise Up™ Cycle of Freedom.

Our Values:

  • Human Life: We believe human life is precious and valuable
  • Freedom: We advocate that all people have the right to a free life
  • Integrity: We place a high value on integrity, honesty and character
  • Transparency: We strive to maintain transparency and accountability
  • Action: We ensure children and families are liberated by deploying boots on the ground
  • Teamwork: We work together with professionals, ex-military, law enforcement, organizations, and average citizens around the world to free people from slavery

To date CRI has rescued over 2,300 victims and their families. We plan to expand into additional countries, add more rescue missions and save more children every year. You can help!



The key to ending slavery is the Rescue, Restore, Raise Up™ Cycle of Freedom. CRI has followed this model for over 10 years in our fight to end modern slavery and human trafficking. 

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Step One


CRI sends specially trained teams into the most dangerous situations in the world to rescue children from forced labor and sex slavery. 

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Step Two


Children are transported to a safe location where they are given food and medical care, and the emotional healing process begins. 

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Step Three

Raise Up

Education and training are vital to creating a slave-free world. These children are the next generation of advocates for freedom.


Ruby's Rescue Story


My name is Ruby. I am 10 years old. There were six members in our family. My father, mother and four sisters. When I was 7 years old my father died by cancer. After the death of my father, my mother is always worried for caring us. We had a small piece of land and a small hut but after the death of my father my mother could not pay the borrow money which they had taken from the landlord before few years. So my mother...

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