The Initiators

The private group of donors who advance CRI's vision

and enable our 100% transparency promise. 

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We have two bank accounts: one for rescuing and supporting children, and one for funding overhead expenses. We never cross these accounts, and can guarantee that 100% of public donations go directly towards rescuing and supporting children. The Initiators enable CRI to uphold this “100% Oath.”

The Initiators are a private group of donors who give multi-year annual donations of $25k+ to fund CRI's staff, R&D, travel, and other operational costs. 

Initiators start a chain reaction. Thanks to our Initiators, CRI is able to plan ahead, strategize, and ultimately further maximize our impact. Initiators allow us to continue to research and develop innovative ways to expand our mission. They enable us to think strategically about how we evolve and grow our vision, and make it possible to operate transparently. Because of the Initiators, every single donation can go directly toward rescue missions and aftercare for rescued children, without exception.

Initiators are the foundational support for the CRI mission and so each year, CRI will escort Initiators to aftercare locations to allow them to meet the children. They will accompany our SurvivorCare™ Team on Health & Welfare Checks to see first-hand the impact their financial generosity is having. The Initiators are truly part of our family.


The Initiators believe in our vision and unconventional model.

Their philanthropic investment drives our ability to scale, take risks with research and development, and accomplish our long-term vision.

Like any growing startup, we need big-picture investors who support our business model. The Initiators’ ROI is measured in the lives they change and as well as by how CRI’s innovations are used by other nonprofits that focus on rescuing children from forced labor and sex trafficking around the world.

We have already paved the way for other rescue organizations that are following our model, and the Initiators program allows us to continue to innovate and lead the way.

Initiators are a mix of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, foundations, corporate executives, seasoned philanthropists, and generous families.

If you have a question or would like to learn more about becoming an Initiator, contact us below.



Interested in becoming an Initiator?