Rescue Stories

Laxmi’s Story

Before this precious child was trapped in slavery, Laxmi lived with her parents and younger brother. When Laxmi was seven, her father left home to marry another woman, which devastated the family. She never saw her father again. Abandoned by her father and, eventually, her mother, Laxmi resided with relatives who forced her to work long, exhausting days in their home. Overworked and unjustly treated, Laxmi also endured sexual abuse at the hands of one of her relatives. 

Seeking freedom from her abusers, Laxmi ran away. She thought she found sanctuary when, in another town, a kind family welcomed her into their home, but the love and security she longed for was quickly ripped away.  Members of the family violated her. Forced to flee again, Laxmi escaped the family and ran until she came across another town. 

A restaurant owner hired Laxmi and offered the illusion of security by giving her good food, new clothes, and a comfortable place to sleep. After only a few weeks, the owner demanded that Laxmi not only work long, hard days but also sold her to vile customers for their pleasure where she endured physical and sexual abuse. If Laxmi refused any of the owner’s commands, the owner beat her. 

In March 2018, while Laxmi planned to escape the restaurant, our team located and rescued her from the horrors of the restaurant and its brutal owner.  

Finally breaking the cycle of revictimization, Laxmi doesn’t have to run anymore. She is finally free. 

Today, Laxmi lives in a safe home with a family who loves, adores, and supports her. Enjoying school and the opportunity to learn, Laxmi dreams about her future and hopes to become a singer. Currently, she sings on the choir team at her church and performed in her church’s Christmas service. Full of joy, Laxmi is growing into a beautiful young woman. 

Because of your support, Laxmi has the opportunity to heal, flourish, and live a life of freedom.