Rescue Stories

Saurav’s Story

Orphaned and alone, Saurav searched for work as a young child. With no one to guide him or protect him, he soon found himself trapped working in a brickfield alongside many other children. He quickly realized the horror of his situation; he had become a slave.

The heartless brickfield owners were cruel toward Saurav and the other children. They forced him to work exhausting 14 or more hour days making bricks in the scorching Asian heat. Not only did the slave masters force this precious boy to do hard labor, but they also starved him and beat him daily. Saurav labored and suffered at this brickfield for many years with no payment and no hope of escape.

When our team heard of Saurav’s abuse and enslavement, they rescued him and the other children from the brutalities of the brickfield in the fall of 2019. Finally free and safe, Saurav now lives in a supportive and loving home where he receives good meals, medical care, and an education. 

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Saurav told the team he doesn’t know, but he shared that he knows he wants to be a good man. Today, Saurav lives in freedom where he will never again make another brick.