We are a team bonded in our passion to save children.

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Bruce Ladebu

Bruce Ladebu, Founder, spent over 30 years as a professional adventurer, explorer, guide and instructor. In 1993, on an expedition through the former Soviet Union, Bruce was introduced to human trafficking, and his life was forever changed. For the 15 years to follow, Bruce continued to travel the globe garnering a deep understanding of the magnitude, operations, and reality of human trafficking. In 2009, Bruce was taken to slave fields in western Asia where he personally witnessed the atrocity the enslaved people endured. Before the end of the day, he rescued his first child.

Upon his return from that trip, Bruce committed his life to rescuing victims from labor and sex trafficking. It became his mission in life. The extensive network and skills acquired during his tenure as an explorer has made him uniquely capable of recruiting, developing and training highly qualified teams to join him on this mission. Since its founding Bruce and CRI have saved over 2,166 children and their families from slavery. 

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Vice President

Jason Collins

Jason Collins is a former U.S. Marine and has developed an elite level of global experience in close protection, security, combatives, and risk mitigation throughout his last 18 years working as an executive protection professional. In 2010, Jason was initially exposed to human trafficking during a mission in the Caribbean. This experience left a lasting impact on him. So in 2011, when Jason met Bruce Ladebu who explained his mission to Rescue, Restore, and Raise Up™️ those affected by modern day slavery and human trafficking, he knew he needed to join in that mission. Jason’s unique experience in executive protection, training, and leadership lent to expansion and growth efforts of CRI, including instituting a vetting & training process to add additional rescue team operators. 

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Senior Instructor; Command Post

Meb West

Meb West is a retired Army Ranger, Intelligence Specialist and decorated combat veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has extensive experience consulting on Security Compliance Management (SCM); auditing security policies, procedures, and programs for large, multi-national organizations. He specializes in conducting New Market Entry security advances in both domestic and international arenas. He has conducted Risk Assessments (RA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for Business Continuity Management Teams and steering committees with operations that span the globe and has provided asset and personal protection to clients in Africa and the Middle East. Meb has a master’s degree in security management.

Meb’s extensive experience in Special Forces operations coupled with his experience as an instructor, and successful business owner enables him to provide CRI members world-class training, insights, and initiatives.

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Fundraising Director

Jason Watson

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Command Post Director

Jenny West

Jenny is an Army Veteran and military spouse with over two decades of experience owning and managing small-to-medium sized companies.  As an award-winning business owner, she has set her sights on the improvement of her local community by founding and managing a networking coalition of over 1,000 diverse businesses.  Jenny has a global eye on challenges – particularly those that pertain to women and families. Her innovative and “out-of-the-box” approach to security operations has awarded her a coveted position on the senior staff of Executive Security International (ESI). Jenny brings a culmination of this “out-of-the-box” approach, her military intelligence analyst background, and her business acumen to manage mission planning and overwatch operations.

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Administrative Director

Elle King

Elle King received her MA in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she spent extensive time researching the sex industry. What she learned there, in part, drove her passion to make an impact in the fight against human trafficking. Elle plays a critical function in efficiently running the back-office operations. Passionate about the mission,  Elle also educates CRI volunteers and public about the dangers of human trafficking, and its connection to prostitution and pornography.